Expert NJ DWI Lawyer

When facing the possibility of losing your license or your freedom, you need an attorney that has the experience and the extensive training as Attorney Steven Hernandez,  a lawyer with specialized training, dedicated to ensuring the best possible defense for his clients.

What does a DWI mean for your job?

"I was expected to lose my license for six months, but thanks to Mr. Hernandez I only got a two-point violation and no license suspension."
Satisfied Client

Experienced DWI DEfense

Experience is everything. There is no substitute for experience. Both of these statements are never more true than when you are dealing with a New Jersey DWI case. Make sure your attorney has the right experience to provide your best defense.

  • Trained Field Sobriety Test Instructor
  • Certified Operator of the Alcotest 7110
  • Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Overview Training
  • Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Municipal Court Trial Attorney
  • Sustaining Member National College for DUI Defense
  • DWI Trial Cross Examination
  • Defending Against DWI Checkpoints
  • DWI Police Officer Testimony Defense
  • DWI Police Mistakes
  • DWI Arrest Checklist

DWI Defense Strategy

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”  Having a well planned out strategy can make a large difference in your case. Having an attorney on your side that has the training to address all possible strategies will ensure you are best prepared for what lies ahead.

DWI Testing Information

Much of the evidence that will be presented against you will be in the form of very technical DWI testing. Knowing the ins and outs of the DWI testing machine is essential for a proper defense. Having an attorney certified in the SFSTs and the Breath Test machine is a prerequisite for mounting a strong defense. 

  • Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs)
  • Breath Testing (Alcotest 7110)
  • Ethyl Glucuronide Testing (Urine Testing)
  • Alcohol Blood Testing
  • Roadside vs Station Testing

Why choose Attorney Hernandez?

From the time I became a lawyer I recognized there was something very wrong with the way lawyers handle DWI cases. I would see attorneys go into court; most of them general practice lawyers, and plead their clients guilty. I sat there and wondered, are all these people truly guilty? That just can’t be. So I decided to focus my practice on DWI defense. I immerse myself in everything DWI. Field sobriety testing, drug testing, urine testing, the drug recognition expert program. I became a certified alcotest operator so that I can best defend those people charged with DWI. By focusing my practice in DWI defense and receiving this advanced training, I’ve received results for my clients that I never would have without that training. I would like to use that training to defend you in your DWI case.

He wrote the book.

Attorney Steven Hernandez literally wrote the book on New Jersey DWI Defense. New Jersey DWI Defense: The Law and Practice is a tremendous resource for attorneys in New Jersey when dealing with DWI cases. Would you rather hire an attorney that read the book or the one that wrote it?