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New Jersey DWI Trial Cross Examination

When it comes to conducting a cross-examination at trial, veteran DWI attorneys understand that cross-examination has a specific function. They do not simply attack the witness on all fronts under the premise that a point might be scored at some time during the process.

Establishing Witness Acknowledgements

A competent New Jersey DWI lawyer will show, ahead of time, the point or points that he or she would like to make at trial. The attorney will also be able to get certain acknowledgements from all witnesses that he or she decides to cross-examine and will ensure that those acknowledgements are consistent with the points that were made during the opening statement, as well as with the arguments that are going to be made during closing arguments.

Cross-Examination in Action

For example, let’s say that a DWI defendant refused to participate in a field sobriety test. During the attorney’s cross-examination of the arresting officer, he or she might decide to focus on that point and attempt to get a relevant acknowledgement of such from the officer. Throughout the examination of the officer, apprehension and panic can be raised as reasons why a reasonable person would not want to take part in such unusual balancing and coordination tests, and that the defendant experienced those exact same reasonable emotions when he or she decided not to take the test.