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New Jersey DWI Arrest Checklist

There are numerous things that you should try to keep in mind with respect to your DWI arrest and all related events that took place at that time. Once you have obtained the services of a skilled New Jersey DWI lawyer, he or she will ask you to remember certain events. Therefore, being able to recall your experience fully may prove to be very helpful to your case.

For example, your attorney will want to know whether or not your vehicle was searched. If it was searched, was anything found at the time of the search? Also, it is important for you to recall at what stage the officer told you that you were actually under arrest, whether you made any admissions, and whether or not you were read your Miranda rights. Additionally, your attorney will want to know if a video or audiotape of the stop was made, as well as whether or not you waived your Miranda rights, remained silent, or asked for a lawyer at the time.

Your lawyer may also ask you to recall certain things about your health at the time of the stop. For instance, how much sleep did you have the previous two days before you were stopped? Are you on any medications, and if so, had you taken any recently? Your attorney may also ask about your physical condition, such as whether or not you have any physical disabilities or any balance problems.

With respect to the Alcotest breath test that you were given, your attorney will undoubtedly have many questions about the test itself. For example, how many breath samples did you provide to the officer? Did the officer interrupt your breathing pattern at any time during the test? Were you observed for the required amount of time? Did the officer change mouth pieces between blows; and were all cell phones and radios removed from the room?