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NJ DWI with CDL Commercial Driver’s License

Did you know that a second DWI conviction for NJ truck drivers could mean losing your CDL license for LIFE? Yes life! Add to that fines, jail time, and additional penalties. It does not make a difference whether the DWI truck driver was driving the commercial truck or his own personal car at the time of the arrest. The penalty is the same.

Loss of CDL = Loss of employment

This applies to any Commercial Driving License hol ders who ‎operate vehicles such as busses, tractor-trailers, vehicles hauling ‎hazardous materials, etc. Therefore the stakes are high for CDL with DWI.


The legal limit of Blood Alcohol Content for truck drivers is .04% which is half of the normal limit which is .08% as stated according to NJ State Law under ‎N.J S. 39:3-10.13.

Even for a CDL holder’s first DWI offense the penalties are substantially greater than those for a non-CDL holder. ‎For example, the minimum drunk ‎driving license suspension for a first offense is 3 months. But for a CDL holder it is one-year. ‎Furthermore, it is possible that that a CDL holder could be subjected ‎to double penalties for a single DUI conviction

After all that, if a person is caught driving a commercial vehicle while one’s CDL is suspended or taken away by the MVC, may face fines of up to $5,000 and ‎a 90 day jail term.

In fact, just last week, numerous arrests were made in NJ for presenting false identities to obtain driver’s licenses, including those of truck and bus drivers who lost their licenses due to DWI convictions. Read more of the article below:

Sixty-nine fake ID arrests made with help of ‘facial recognition technology’

February 21, 2014

“Through the facial scrub program, we have charged more than 100 defendants with obtaining false driver’s licenses, including truck and bus drivers whose licenses were suspended due to DUI convictions or other serious driving infractions, and sex offenders and other felons who tried to hide their criminal records,” Acting Attorney General Hoffman John J. Hoffman said in a news release. “We are aggressively pursuing these cases to get dangerous drivers off our highways and ensure that criminals cannot use this powerful from of identification to commit further crimes.”

If you are a CDL license holder and have been charged with a DWI, don’t drive yourself into a bigger hole. We will fight for your rights and for your employment.