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New Jersey DWI Cost

Many people don’t realize how much a DWI conviction will cost them. Just because the charge is dealt with as a traffic charge and not a criminal charge doesn’t mean you will pay a ticket and go free. Even a conviction for a first offense could land you in jail, get your license suspended and cost you thousands of dollars.

The Hidden Costs of a NJ DWI

There are many hidden costs for a New Jersey DWIThere are certain mandatory assessments, fines and surcharges that every person, convicted of a DWI/DUI must pay. They are as follows:

Fines: 1st Offense- $250-$500, 2nd Offense- $500-$1,000, 3rd Offense- $1,000

Insurance Surcharge: $3,000 (Over 3 years for a 1st or 2nd Offense), $4,500 (Over 3 years for a 3rdOffense)

Drunk Driving Enforcement Fund: $100.00

DUI Surcharge: $100.00

Safe Neighborhood Fund: $75.00

Victims of crime compensation board (VCCB) $50.00

Court Costs: $33.00

Law Enforcement Officer Crisis Intervention Services $1.00

Autism Medical Research and Treatment Fund $1.00

New Jersey Spinal Cord Research Fund $1.00

New Jersey Forensic DNA Laboratory Fund $2.00

New Jersey Brain Injury Research Fund $1.00

Total Costs in Fines and Surcharges:

  • 1st Offense: $3,614-$3,864
  • 2nd Offense: $3,864-$4,364
  • 3rd Offense: $5,864

Additional DWI Costs

Car Insurance: Your car insurance premiums will increase if convicted of a DWI. While this increase is based on a number of factors including your driving history, you can estimate that the premiums will be double to triple what they were before. In the long run this can add up to ten of thousands of dollars.

Ignition Interlock: All repeat offenders and first time offenders with a BAC of over 0.15% will have to install an ignition interlock device in the vehicle at their own expense. The cost for this device and its maintenance is about $100 per month.