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DWI as a Motor Vehicle Violation in New Jersey

Unlike many other states, DWI is not a crime in New Jersey. Under our laws, it is considered a motor vehicle violation.

No Criminal Record

Because DWI is not a crime, it differs from other serious offenses in a number of ways. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that a conviction will not result in a criminal record, no matter how many prior offenses you may have. Instead, each conviction will only appear on your driving record.

No Plea Bargains

On the other hand, there is little leeway with DWI sentencing. In fact, judges in DWI cases are required to adhere to statutory requirements when sentencing individuals who are convicted of DWI. This means that there are no plea bargains, no temporary licenses, no sentencing alternatives and no probation.

Although DWI is not considered a crime in New Jersey, it is still a serious offense that can result in life-changing penalties, expensive fines and even the loss of your driver’s license.