Experienced NJ DWI Defense

When facing the possibility of losing your license or your freedom, you need an attorney that has the experience and the extensive training as Attorney Stephen Hernandez. A Lawyer-Scientist dedicated to ensuring the best possible defense for his clients.

New Jersey's only Attorney to pass the Lawyer-Scientist Test

Attorney Steven Hernandez is the only attorney to pass the Lawyer-Scientist Test in the state of New Jersey. He has trained extensively in not only the Standard Field Sobriety Tests but also in the scientific aspects of the breath and blood tests used in a DWI cases. Do not hire an attorney that can not scientifically challenge the test results.

Over a decade of experience

Attorney Hernandez has over a decade of experience handling DWI cases in the state of New Jersey. He does not handle real estate closings, bankruptcies and divorces. Attorney Hernandez is dedicated to the defense of those charged with a DWI in the state of New Jersey. You need a lawyer that has the experience to know when mistakes have been made by the police and the proper way to address those mistakes. An attorney learns these only after handling hundreds of DWI cases. You deserve an attorney that has spent the time learning everything they can about DWI defense.

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