Hi, my name is Tom Cannavo. I’ve been an attorney in New Jersey for about thirty years. For twenty-five years I was a prosecutor in New Jersey, handling DWI and criminal law appeals. For seventeen years, I was an Ocean County assistant prosecutor, a head of their appellate section. I was responsible for numerous appellate cases in the New Jersey appellate division and the New Jersey Supreme Court. For over ten years, I supervised all the municipal prosecutors in Ocean County. After twenty-five years as a prosecutor, I retired. But I was convinced to come out of retirement to combine my twenty-five years of appellate practice experience with Mr.Hernandez’s excellent DWI trial experience.

The appeal process in New Jersey can be complicated, so what I will do is help you to get through the process by explaining all the procedures and deadlines. For example, to appeal from the municipal court to the law division, you only have twenty days to file your notice of appeal. If you don’t do it, then the court is not going to hear your appeal. If we have to appeal from the law division to the appellate division you have forty-five days to file your appeal.

In addition to deadlines, we have to order transcripts, we have to look at case law, and I will utilize my twenty-five years of appellate experience to recognize all of the issues that we can argue in the case and hopefully get your conviction overturned. If you’ve been convicted of DWI in New Jersey, you only have twenty days to file an appeal in the law division.

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