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New Jersey DWI Police Mistakes

There is a common misconception out there that a DWI charge is an automatic conviction. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In my experience in defending DWI cases in Toms River and the rest of New Jersey, I have found some common mistakes that are made in DWI cases, such as:

  • Breath machine not calibrated properly.
  • Officer did not have probable cause for making the stop in the first place.
  • Field sobriety tests not done according to the correct procedures.
  • Officer made incorrect assumptions like, swerving means the driver is drunk.
  • Some other substance in the body triggered a positive breath test result.
  • Blood testing samples were mishandled.
  • Blood testing equipment was not calibrated or working properly.
  • The officer sees someone who is slow and clumsy from being sleepy and assumes they are drunk.
  • Officer misinterpreted a medical condition as being drunk.
  • Driver is taking prescribed medication and the officer charges with with a DWI-drugs violation.

These are some of the many things an experienced DWI attorney will consider when challenging a DWI case. If these mistakes are properly challenged the case may end up being dismissed by the judge.