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New Jersey Criminal DWI Defense

While the specifics may vary from case to case, experienced New Jersey DWI attorneys will usually begin constructing a defense for their client by looking at a few important and time-sensitive factors.

Chief among these is the presence of any witnesses to your alleged driving while intoxicated. The state needs to prove that you were indeed the one driving the vehicle in order to convict you of DWI. Your New Jersey DWI attorney must make it a priority to interview any witness who claims to have seen you driving, as their testimony may shape your defense.

The second major factor is your statements to the police upon your DWI arrest. Your DWI attorney will likely need you to recount everything you said to the police officer upon your arrest, especially anything that could be construed as an admission of guilt. This includes anything you might have said about what you drank and whether or not you were drinking.

Finally, your medical condition may also factor into your DWI defense. Specifically, your DWI attorney needs to be aware of any medical conditions you may have that may produce symptoms similar to those caused by intoxication. These conditions could be permanent, such as disabilities that would affect your balance, or they could be temporary, such as a lack of sleep the night before your arrest. These conditions can result in false positives in field sobriety tests.

An experienced New Jersey DWI attorney will know to look at these factors and build you the strongest possible defense using them.