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Save Your New Jersey Drivers License

For most New Jersey residents, driving is a necessity. But state law mandates license suspensions for all DWI offenses. A DWI conviction could leave you without a license, which could have severe repercussions on your everyday life.

New Jersey DWI License Suspension Laws

New Jersey has enacted very tough DWI laws that include harsh penalties for a conviction, even if you previously had a perfect driving record and no criminal history.

Because New Jersey does not offer work permits or limited driving licenses, you will have to serve your full license suspension without driving—period.

Consequences of Losing Your License

Without a driver’s license, you will be forced to find alternative modes of transportation which can be very costly and extremely inconvenient. If your job requires you to travel frequently, you could be in serious jeopardy of losing your job. Employers are hesitant to keep people who need special accommodations to do their job, and a DWI conviction makes you a liability to a company.