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New Jersey DWI Client Testimonials

No One Like Him!

When I hired Mr. Hernandez, I was at risk for losing my license and going to prison. Thanks to Mr. Hernandez, that didn’t happen. I am a disabled veteran and he kept in touch with Veterans Affairs to ensure that I was getting the right care. Mr. Hernandez was sensitive to my needs and made himself available to answer all of my questions. Thanks to Mr. Hernandez, I am back with my family.

Awesome Attorney

I was so impressed during my first meeting with Mr. Hernandez that I hired him immediately and fired the other attorney I had been working with. Mr. Hernandez was trustworthy, responsive and worked hard to get me out of a situation. I was expected to lose my license for six months, but thanks to Mr. Hernandez I only got a two-point violation and no license suspension. Thank you so much! You are the best!

Very Happy Client

Mr. Hernandez is a great lawyer. I am very happy with the results of my DWI case. He was reliable, knowledgeable and dependable.

DUI Defense Powerhouse

Mr. Hernandez is a DUI defense powerhouse. He’s also a knowledgeable, honest and unselfish person. If you know anything about him, you know that he does not need to sell himself to anyone. He just wanted me to be comfortable and help me during a difficult situation. If you want an attorney who wants what is best for you, I recommend and trust Mr. Hernandez.

One of the Best!

When I first called Mr. Hernandez about my DWI case, he talked to me for over an hour! He then offered an in-person consultation, all of which was free. Many attorneys do not offer their time or really care about your case. I was very impressed by his demeanor and how much he cared. He is genuine and knowledgeable about DWI defense in New Jersey. He is at the top of his field. Thank you, Mr. Hernandez, for helping me when other attorneys would not.

Best DWI Attorney in New Jersey

Steven Hernandez knows the DUI process. He did an excellent job on my case. I did not receive a DUI conviction but had to plead to reckless driving. No one does DUI defense like Steven Hernandez! Thanks!

Satisfied Client

Mr. Hernandez promptly responded to any of my questions. He really knows the legal system. He was able to settle my dispute and helped me get my job back.