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DWI Jail Time In New Jersey

If you’ve been charged with a DWI in New Jersey you’re probably wondering, am I going to go to jail? Well, if it is your first or second offense the chance of you going to jail is extremely remote. It rarely happens. In fact, I’ve only seen one first-offender and one second-offender go to jail since I became a lawyer. And those circumstances were so extreme they are really unlikely to ever happen again. However, if you are a third offender, jail is mandatory. The court must order you to a 180-day jail sentence. However, of those 180 days, the court can allow you to server 90 of those days in an inpatient treatment center, approved by the IDRC. The best way to avoid a jail sentence is to hire a DWI specialist. At The Hernandez Law Firm I specialize in DWI defense. I am a specialist and I have successfully kept people out of jail, regardless of whether it is their first, their second, their third or more.


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