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DWI Field Sobriety Testing In New Jersey

One of the most important parts of any DWI case are the field sobriety testing. They are important because the police officer will use them to determine whether or not there was probable cause to arrest and the prosecutor will use them to determine whether there was enough evidence to prove that you were impaired by alcohol. There are three field sobriety tests known as standardized field sobriety tests. These are the horizontal gaze nystagmus, the walk-and-turn, and the one leg stand. Each of these tests has a set criteria on how they should be administered using validated clues of impairment and a validated scoring requirement. These tests must be administered according to that criterion, if they’re not done correctly, the results are questionable.

Now, These tests are only good for certain people, people like back, foot, leg, inner ear issues, people over sixty-five, people who are heavy – fifty pounds or more overweight ¬– tend to have difficulty with these tasks. If you have been arrested for DWI, and were subject to field sobriety testing, you need an attorney who knows the limitations of these tests. You need an attorney who knows your medical conditions as well; You need a DWI specialist. I am a DWI specialist, I have received the same training as the police officer who arrested you in field sobriety testing and I am a standardized field sobriety testing instructor. With these skills, I have won many cases throughout the state of New Jersey.


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