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New Jersey DWI Alcotest 7110 Breath Test Machine

This is the “Alcotest 7110” breath test machine. It is the only machine allowed here in the state of New Jersey for testing breath. This machine has lead to the conviction of many drivers charged with DWI. As far as I understand, I’m one of five lawyers who actually own one of these machines. I know this machine inside and out. Like any machine, it must be calibrated and maintained on a regular basis. It’s got a computer inside and it’s subject to errors and glitches and malfunction. Also inside is a battery known as a fuel cell, and like any battery, they deplete over time which can affect the tolerance of your breath test result. The machine is not perfect. The results should not always be trusted; these results can be beaten, DWIs can be won. As one of the few lawyers who is trained, a certified Alcotest operator on this machine, I understand the technology involved here as well as the science of breath testing. Don’t let this machine convict you without talking to me.


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