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DUI Under 21 New Jersey

There is nowhere in the United States where it is legal for someone under the age of 21 to drink alcoholic beverages. The legal limit in New Jersey for an underage or minor driver is a .01 even though the legal limit for everyone else is a .08. If you are convicted for an underage DWI the penalties carry with it a 30-90 days loss of license, 15-30 days of community service and a referral to the IDRC for an alcohol evaluation along with some court costs. Now the best way to fight a DWI is to challenge the breath test result. The reason why is the prosecutor cannot secure a conviction for underage DWI without that breath test result.

Even if you did consume alcohol or admitted to it, that is not enough to seek a conviction. Of course if you blew into the alcotest machine and your reading was over .08, you will be charged with a regular DWI and perhaps the underage DWI as well. In order to fight the underage DWI you need an attorney who understands the scientific and technical aspects of the alcotest machine. Here at The Hernandez Law Firm, I am a certified alcotest operator. I have the advanced training needed to attack your breath test results.


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