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3rd Offense DWI Penalties In New Jersey

If you’ve been charged with a DWI within 10 years of your second, you are facing some serious penalties. There is a mandatory 180-day jail sentence, of which 90 of those days can be spent in an inpatient treatment center approved by the intoxicated driver resource center. There is a mandatory 10-year loss of license with no possibility for a work license or temporary license to get to work. If you are convicted the court must order that your install an ignition interlock device during the period of your suspension, plus 1-3 years there after even though you can’t drive a car. There are also fines of $1000, plus assessments paid to the court in the amount of $389. Finally, you must do an IDRC alcohol evaluation and pay motor vehicles a surcharge of a $1000 a year for three years. If you’ve been convicted of a third offense DWI there’s a lot at stake here.


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