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1st Offense DWI Penalties In New Jersey

If you are convicted of a first offense DWI you are subject to certain mandatory penalties. If your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is a .08 to a .10 you are subject to a three month loss of license. If your BAC is a .10 or greater, you’re subject to a seven to twelve month loss of license. Of course, if that happens in a school zone, the fines are doubled. In addition, anybody convicted of a DWI first offense is subject to other mandatory penalties, including assessments totaling up to $389 and fine range between $250 and $400. In addition, you are subject to an evaluation at the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center, also known as the IDRC.

Anybody charged with a first offense DWI can be subject to up to three days in jail, however that is extremely unlikely. In addition to that, motor vehicles will assess the driver a thousand dollar a year surcharge for three years and even out of state drivers can be subject to that surcharge.

Finally, there are other consequences, if your BAC is a .15 or greater, the court will order a mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device. The best way to fight these penalties is to hire a DWI specialist. I have been specializing in DWI since 2010 and I’ve been fighting DWI since 2004.


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