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Benefits of Hiring a New Jersey DWI Attorney

Many attorneys who represent clients in municipal court claim to be DWI defense attorneys. In fact, some of them say that they “specialize” in DWI defense. In reality, many of these attorneys are the first ones to take a case and then plead a client guilty early on without fighting the charges.

Effective Defense Takes Extensive Knowledge

If you are hiring a DWI defense attorney, you must examine that person’s experience. How many DWI cases have they handled successfully? Also be sure to learn about any training that they may have in the fields of:

  • Field sobriety testing
  • DWI detection
  • Drug recognition

DWI is a scientific area of the law. Most of the evidence is scientific and highly technical, so it is extremely important to hire an attorney who knows how to attack this evidence. These are the attorneys who do not spend the bare minimum of 12 hours a year on continued legal education; these attorneys spend upwards of 50 hours annually taking courses all over the country to stay on top of defense strategies that will benefit their clients.