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New Jersey Alcotest 7110 Errors

The Alcotest 7110 is allegedly one of the more advanced breath testing machines. Even though it has been deemed scientifically reliable, this does not mean that it always works correctly.

The Alcotest 7110 uses two separate types of technology:

  • Infrared spectrometry: The breath enters an infrared chamber where it is absorbed and bombarded with infrared light. Alcohol particles absorb the infrared radiation. As it dissipates, the machine will measure the amount of infrared light that remains in the chamber and use an algorithm to compute that into a blood alcohol number.
  • Electrochemical analysis: This is the process of analyzing the breath sample in what is essentially a fuel cell. The alcohol is introduced to the fuel cell, which creates a charge. The Alcotest 7110 is calibrated to detect and measure the strength of the charge and compute it to a BAC number.

Not So Reliable After All

You may be surprised to learn that there are 24 potential errors that can occur on any given breath test conducted on the Alcotest 7110. Some of these can be caused by the police officer who is operating the machine, although the officer may try to blame the person being tested.

The Defense You Need

If you have been charged with DWI after “failing” a breath test, it is imperative that you begin working with an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney needs to understand each and every one of the 24 error codes and what they mean in order to build the most effective defense strategy in your case.