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Penalties for a NJ DWI Third Offense or Subsequent

The penalties for a third or subsequent DWI conviction in New Jersey can have a far-reaching impact on your life for years to come.

Jail Sentence License Suspension IDRC Detainment Fines Surcharges
Third Offense within 10 years 180 days 10 years 12-48 hours $1,000 $4,500+

Ignition interlock device

A third or subsequent DWI conviction will require that you install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle for the duration of your license suspension plus an additional one to three years after your license has been reinstated.

Temporary driving permits

New Jersey does not issue temporary driving permits, work permits, or limited driver’s licenses during a license suspension. This means that if your license is suspended due to a DWI conviction, you will not be able to drive at all for the duration of the suspension. For a third or subsequent conviction, this means no driving for 10 years—period.

Additional penalties

Spending six months in jail and losing your driver’s license for 10 years can affect more than just your personal life. You could also lose your job, especially if you drive for a living. Three or more DWI convictions on your record will also make it harder to obtain employment in the future.

If you already have two or more DWI convictions on your record and are facing a third or subsequent charge, you need to speak with a reputable and experienced DWI defense attorney right away.