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New Jersey DWI In A School Zone

The state of New Jersey has enhanced penalties for DWI violations that occur in a school zone. Under New Jersey law, a school zone is:

  • Any property owned by or leased to an elementary school, secondary school or school board that is used for school purposes
  • A radius of 1,000 feet from school property
  • A designated school crossing
  • A school crossing that is not designated but that children or minors are using at the time of a violation

The wide 1,000-foot range included in this definition means that school zones are expansive. For example, school zones may also include athletic fields, which may be far from the main campus; however, since they are owned by the school, the fields and the 1,000-foot areas surrounding them fall under this definition.

Penalties for School Zone DWI

If you are convicted of driving while intoxicated in a school zone, the penalties may include the following:

Jail Sentence License Suspension Fines Surcharges
1st Offense 60 days 1-2 years $500-$800 $3,500+
2nd Offense 4-180 days 4 years $1,000-$2,000 $3,500+
3rd Offense 180 days 20 years $2,000 $5,000+