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New Jersey DUI Under 21

Underage DWI is a growing problem in New Jersey and lawmakers have responded by passing stiffer “zero-tolerance” laws.

The question is, are these the right laws?

Under the zero-tolerance laws, a driver under the age of 21, with a blood alcohol level of .01 or above, can be arrested and charged with a DWI.

The main problem with this is that the current testing equipment in use is not that accurate and can flag someone with a BAC number even if they did not drink.

See for yourself, you can get a positive reading from simply eating white bread. For someone underage, that means a DWI charge:

You can get a positive reading as a result of using hand sanitizing liquid, nail polish remover or even mouthwash. That means many young people are at risk of being falsely convicted of DWI and having that crime hold them back from a bright future.

Zero-tolerance may sound good in theory, but until the technology gets there.