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Toms River DUI

Toms River is one of the busiest municipalities in NJ in terms of traffic and in terms of DUI and DWI arrests. From July 2011 to Apr 2012, there were 356 DWI arrests in Toms River, a 4% increase over the previous year. I have been defending DWI cases in Toms River for over 8 years and have extensive experience with the Municipal Court in Toms River.

Here are some points you should keep in mind:

  • Even though DWI is not treated as a criminal matter in New Jersey, it is not a simple pay the ticket type of violation. Even for a first offense, you could be looking at up to 30 days in jail and (depending on your BAC level) up to a 12 month license suspension.
  • Keep in mind, New Jersey does not allow work permits or limited licenses during a suspension. A DWI license suspension means no driving is allowed, period.

For these reasons alone, you should sit down with an experienced lawyer and learn about your options. At The Hernandez Law Firm, we offer a free consultation where we can explain the charges against you and an appropriate course of action. Call (732) 286-2700.

There are certain procedures and etiquette to follow in Municipal Court. Toms River is the seventh largest municipal court in the State of New Jersey. The Honorable James A. Liguori, and the Honorable Damian G. Murray preside over the Court and court sessions are held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The court processes over 20,000 proceedings annually including DWI offenses.

Basic Court Etiquette for Toms River Municipal Court includes:

  • Arrive early – don’t ever run the risk of being late
  • Wear appropriate attire like you would to a job interview
  • Always speak softly and address the judge as “Your Honor”

If you wish to plead not guilty to your DWI charges in Toms River, there are certain procedures you must follow and deadlines you must meet. The same goes for if you wish to appeal the ruling made in court.