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NJ DWI Attorney

The are a lot of DWI lawyers in New Jersey. If you search through any legal directory (Avvo.com has the best legal directory and information) you will find hundreds of options. Choosing the right lawyer is the single most important decision you will make that has the greatest effect on the outcome of your case. There is certainly a huge difference between professional DWI attorney and inexperienced ones.

So how can an average citizen, with little legal experience, choose between all the options?

Here are 5 tips you can use to help you make the right choice.

  1. An Attorney who Specializes in DWI Law
    For a lawyer to excel in a practice area, he/she has to have in-depth knowledge about related cases and laws. DWI is no different. Some lawyers spread their time out between multiple practice areas so you might find one who spend 10% of their time in wills and trusts, 20% in contract law, 25% in personal injury, 25 % in criminal law leaving only 20% of their time on DWI. These attorneys never really master DWI defense and become the proverbial jack-of-all-trades master of none. This is why you are better off choosing someone who focuses 100% of their practice on DWI and has the in-depth knowledge needed to defend your case.
  2. DWI Trial Experience
    A good DWI lawyer is ready and willing to take cases to trial. Not every attorney does this. Most lawyers try to quickly process DWI cases and avoid time taking steps like filing motions or fighting a trial. This is not sound legal strategy. In many cases the best option you have is to take the matter to court. A lawyer who is not willing to do that is short-changing you.
  3. Advanced DWI Training
    DWI is a highly advanced field of law and there are always new developments which lawyers need to stay on top of. This is why advanced DWI training is so important. DWI lawyers MUST attend training seminars often to have any chance of offering sound defense to their clients. This is why I am an active member of the prestigious National College for DUI Defense and regularly attend their advanced, rigorous DWI training conferences.
  4. Able to Challenge Forensic Tests
    DWI cases are very complex because most of the evidence is based on various DWI tests which can only be challenged by someone who knows the science behind them. If an attorney is not knowledgeable in these areas, you will have very little chance of getting a favorable verdict.
  5. DWI Attorney Should be Totally Dedicated to You
    At many law firms, you may be attracted by the experience and name of one of the senior lawyers in the firm, only to find out that most of the case work and research is done by junior attorneys. Details make all the difference in a DWI case and junior lawyers may overlook some important points. I personally handle every single aspect of every single case I take on. This allows me to get intimate insight into the important details of your case.

Not every DWI lawyer is the same and it is in your best interests to choose the right one.